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Out of the Garden Podcast

Marck & Ariana

“What if Adam & Eve were millennials, what would the original sin look like?”It was a question Ariana asked her husband and Marck in return looked at her and said “we aren’t as far removed as you think.”In this 21st century day and age greed, envy, lust and pride, they have new faces and new names like socialism, social media, and social standards. The serpent’s deception in our every day life has evolved, convincing us to stray farther from God, now covered by your next Instagram follow. So, the same choice to make in Eden still shows itself to us today - will you trust God or will you define what is “good and evil” for yourself?Husband and wife, Ariana & Marck found themselves talking day in and day out of different topics heavily presented in their current life as well as through their past experiences. From mental health issues, to politics, to current social media standards and trends. Their convo's would always find God is in the center and one constant reflection - to take it back to the beginning with Adam & Eve. Even with different upbringings in religion and spirituality, they find common connection with how to keep Christ relevant through it all. Perspectives from a man and woman, one commonality reigns: that the love of God will never waiver, even if our flesh will.Whether you are attempting to find answers to all the challenges in postmodernism applications, a new Christian figuring your walk, or even a seasoned believer trying to find what church is all over again, we are all sharing the main common trait – that we are seekers looking for Jesus. Take a seat with them as they discuss how they find God through current day and age and how you too, can seek God through it all.